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CMS Integration

Leverage complete authority over your website's content through our CMS integration offerings. Whether it's updating blog entries, introducing new products, or seamlessly managing your website's content, we equip you with user-friendly content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, or bespoke solutions designed to match your distinct requirements. Collaborate with us, and in unison, let's sculpt a digital voyage that enthralls your audience, stimulates growth, and propels your business to unprecedented heights. Your triumph is our fervor! Together, let's craft something extraordinary.

Our pricing

Pricing & Plan

Starter Plan

$330 / Project

We Work For Your Success

Incorporation of a well-known CMS system (such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal) Inclusion of up to 5 web pages or sections Responsive design ensuring excellent display across various devices Intuitive content editor enabling simple updates Fundamental SEO configuration to enhance search engine discoverability Technical assistance provided for one month post-integration

Advanced Plan

$1000 / Project

We Work For Your Success

Incorporation of as many as 15 web pages or segments Elevated user experience featuring personalized navigation and interactive components Optimization for mobile devices ensuring smooth functionality on smartphones and tablets Search engine optimization (SEO) encompassing up to 20 designated keywords Instruction for users on the utilization of the content management system Technical support extended for a duration of three months following integration

Member Plan

$1300 / Project

We Work For Your Success

Incorporation of a robust and expandable CMS designed to match your distinct requirements Unrestricted pages or segments to accommodate extensive website needs Personalized design incorporating distinct branding components and visual refinements Sophisticated user experience enriched with interactive elements, animations, and multimedia integration Full responsiveness on mobile devices and compatibility across various browsers Comprehensive SEO approach targeting as many as 30 specified keywords

Our Team

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Expert Team

Peter Smith
Geanet Kingston
Beter Smith

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Bill Powel

I had the opportunity to collaborate with a web design partner on the transformation of our company's website, and I must express that

Ronda Arzar
Managing Director

Designs-online went above and beyond our anticipations with their remarkable web design offerings. We were in need of an e-commerce website that not

Elwin Dawson

Upon choosing to rebrand our company, we were well aware of the necessity for a web design partner capable of encapsulating the core